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Post Posted on Sat May 04, 2013 4:26 am

Last year's Variety Show is now online. Here on KRDVDs.org, you can find the entire show in 1080p high definition. Over on YouTube.com, you will find only the actual acts available publicly in 1080p high definition. Here's the link for the videos here, and here's the link for the YouTube playlist. You can also head over to the DVDs page if you don't feel like watching on your PC, tablet, smartphone, game console, Internet-enabled Blu-ray player, or Internet-enabled TV, and would rather go the old-fashioned way by popping an actual disc into your DVD player! Personally, I prefer the high-definition route, but DVDs are classic!

So, other than a few concerts from last year and the 2012 marching season, I'm basically all caught up in terms of DVDs. And I'm still working on the rest! So stick around!

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