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Post Posted on Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:51 pm

Hey everyone! The 2011 marching season videos of the KR cougar band are now online! Check them out over here!

Now, being only one person creating such a massive collection of band videos, there are bound to be errors SOMEwhere. I try my best to keep the videos error-free, but unfortunately, one got through. In the Holiday in the City parade video, the point where I turn the camera upside to get a cool low-angle on the band, I forgot to then rotate the video in post-production. So for about a minute and a half, you see an upside-down band. Which is clearly not as exciting as a right-side-up band. This has been corrected for the online versions, so be sure to check them out!

As a related sidenote, PLEASE let me know if you find any errors in the DVDs I make! It's literally impossible for me to check every minute of these every step of the way, so errors do happen (like half of the audio cutting out in the 2011 variety show DVD in the second half....) Head over to the contact page (under "Help & Information") to let me know if you find anything!

I've also updated the home page to choose from a new selection for the "Featured Video" from the 2011 season and the Wizard of Oz (and, soon, the 2012 variety show). It's random what video is featured every time you load the page, so refresh away!

The 2012 variety show is making its way online now, and I'm working feverishly on the 2012 band videos!

I also noticed I'm using too many exclamation points! I don't know, I just find periods so.... emotionless.

Next Up:
- 2012 Variety Show
- 2012 Marching Season
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